Up and Down

By Grandpa Jack*

Oh, so many rolls! Roll call, roll-away beds, roll-top desk, roll roofing, roll your own cigarette, “Roll Out the Barrel, a “roll-back”, toilet paper roll, bankroll, drum roll, rock and roll, hard roll, bread roll, breakfast roll, Roll-Aides, roll off dumpster, “Caissons go rolling along”, Jelly-roll Morton, an aerodynamic maneuver, kayak roll, boat movement side to side, roll of quarters, a metalworking fabricating process, financial trading contracts, being intoxicated on the drug MDMA, sparing in jiu-jitsu, rolling average in statistics, steam roller, roller blades, roller skates, roller-pin, hair-rollers, Tootsie roll, roll of stamps, roll of the dice, and the old saw “Roll me over in the clover. . . .”

What an awe-inspiring surprise did that word give Curran, my grandson, while riding in my 2002 Chevy S-10 truck!

Once buckled in, he attempted to lower his window by pushing down the little red lever – which in fact was the door lock.

When that did not produce the desired fresh spring Minnesota air, he reached for the handle further down the door panel.

He grasped the knob at the end of the handle, played a bit with it, and turned it round and round.

Eureka – down came the window!

“LOOK, Grandpa!’ he exclaimed, laughing excitedly. ”I’ve never seen this before! Rolling a window up and down with a handle!”

Such revelations: a mechanical device versus electronics. And for me, another milepost in the aging process!

* The Elderberries’ Grandpa Jack writes from his home in St. Paul, Minn.

By Jack Neely Ÿ www.LifeWithTheElderberries.com Ÿ © 2019