The Sweater Sets, The Elderberries Book

Loved seeing an adorable picture of a little American baby in an obviously hand-knit sweater set. She is sitting in the lap of her doting young grandmother, our dear friend, who tells the story of where the sweater set comes from: England!

In the proud grandmother’s words, recalling an encounter in the 1980s:

The sweater set was made for (daughter) Maggie by a lovely woman from England. My mom and I met her when vacationing there while I was 5 months pregnant with Maggie. We met her in a thatched roof tea and crumpet shop in the English countryside . . . shared the table with her. Chuck and my dad were playing golf at the time. Two months later a package arrived from her with 3 homemade sweaters and matching bonnets and booties.</em

So the Americans of four generations have now been blessed by that random act of kindness by the thoughtful British lady befriended in a tea and crumpet shop:

  • the American great-grandmother, now deceased, who loved people and no doubt initiated the friendly conversation with the Brit;
  • the then-pregnant and now first-time grandmother (proudly bearing the Swedish name for grandmother, “Mormor”), who had met the British benefactor and must have thought of her fondly many times, putting the hand-knit items on her own first-born daughter;
  • that now-grown baby, a beautiful first-time mother herself, who has the inestimable pleasure of seeing her own first-born daughter wearing the exact same set;
  • and of course, Baby Catherine, nicknamed “Cacki,” who will grow up in a family that has known generous, spontaneous, “just because” love from across the oceans, across time, across generations, across continents.


By Susan Darst Williams, part of the feature family at

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