The Eyelet

By Grandpa Jack*

The thought came to me as I laced up my boots. After thousands of crossings, the metal eyelet had worn away the old bootlace’s outer cloth covering. All that was left was its strong, inner, tough, twine center.

Maybe that is what experience does to one’s character: exposes one’s inner strength.  What one appears to be, to others, may not be the real you.

You are changing with every new experience.

So maybe you do not know what you are made of until you age a bit. (On the other hand, if that inner core is made of a less resilient substance, it too will shred and break, usually at a most inopportune time.)

So — rather than answer Alec Baldwin’s “What’s in your wallet?” — ask yourself, “What’s in my eyelet?”

*Grandpa Jack spends long Minnesota winters contemplating truths like this, and having a good time doing it.

By Jack Neely • • © 2019