The Barlow Lessons

By Grandpa Jack*

Here are some crucial rules for living, passed down through my mother’s side of the family:

  • Throwing your hat on your bed is bad luck.
  • Leaving an umbrella open in the house is bad luck – even to dry out.
  • Wearing a hat in the house will make you bald – like Grandpa was.
  • Good luck by looking at a white horse, without blinking while silently making your wish, and spitting in the palm of your left hand and then hitting the spittle with your closed right fist. Guaranteed – if you do not tell a soul.
  • A “lazy-man’s load” is when your drop some of the huge load of firewood that you are carrying because you are too lazy to make another trip.
  • Always return an item in better shape than when it was borrowed.
  • Dreams that are in color are more likely to come true.

* Grandpa Jack, one of The Elderberries, always listened to his Grandmother Barlow, and that was probably a good idea.

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