The Appreciative Playmate

Mom and the three other siblings went out someplace. Grandma came over to babysit with the middle child, an active 4-year-old boy.

They both enjoyed the rare one-on-one playdate. She sprawled out on the floor playing cars and trucks with him for as long as he wanted to. They rolled a ball back and forth. They just generally had a whee of a good time all afternoon. Whatever he wanted to play, she was game.

When Mom and the three other kids arrived home, Grandma got up to leave.

The 4-year-old flopped dramatically on the floor in tragic hysteria, sobbing and carrying on.

“Come on, now, Grandma has to go,” his mother said.

He raised his tear-stained face, and howled, “I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!!”

By Susan Darst Williams • • © 2019