Tenderness, Romance, and a New Sump Pump

Some women get diamonds. Some women get pearls. Some get dark chocolate, roses or a frisky negligee.

But I? I get a new SUMP PUMP for Valentine’s Day!

When you’ve been married and stayed put in the same house for a long, long time, everything tends to show its age. Not real romantic, but I guess practical.

Workers are expected to be here all day, putting in a powerful unit that probably could have saved New Orleans from the deluge. It certainly will protect my 49,000 boxes of pointless junk and old papers in the basement storage room. Yippee skippee.

I was whining to a friend about the utter lack of romance in this year’s Valentine’s Day developments. She begged to differ:

“There’s nothing as beautiful as the sound of a new sump pump after a five-inch spring downpour.”

Is there no hope, Cupid? Cupid!?!

Oh, no! Now the hubby has buried his nose in the latest issue of Popular Mechanics. I can just imagine what I’ll get NEXT year.

By Susan Darst Williams • www.LifeWithTheElderberries.com • © 2019