Surprising Smoke

We are G-rated. Actually, beyond G-rated. Super conservative and law-abiding.

That’s why I was shocked yesterday when my Beloved asked, “What would you like to SMOKE tonight?”

WHAAAAT? Well, I never! How had this bastion of propriety, this captain of industry, this upstanding citizen degraded himself so far, so fast?!? He had only been retired for a few months, and already he was descending into the pits of the hedonistic drug-taking party-goers.

I turned and saw that he was gazing lovingly at the MEAT SMOKER he had purchased some months before. It was sitting on the back porch, still shiny and unused.


I thought I was going to have to get a tattoo, some piercings and a motorcycle to go with the Maalox and Depends I’m going to have to start buying some day soon.

At my age, a “pot party” is a chili feed, “getting high” is what’s happening to gas prices, and “getting wasted” is what happens to the extra fat you cut off the meat BEFORE you smoke it.

Party on, Senior Dudes!

By Susan Darst Williams • • © 2019