Shiny Symbol of Love

They were studying the letter “D” in kindergarten. I was their senior volunteer. I was making them guess words that start with “D” with a simple little game of Charades.

I bent over backwards and opened my mouth wide, pretended that something was boring into my mouth with loud sound effects like a pneumatic drill. Then I paused to pretend-spit over to the side. That tipped them off. “Dentist!” they shouted.

I said I was going into Krispy Kreme. Then I play-acted that I was eating something circular with a hole inside that was really sweet and delicious. “Doughnut!”

The next one, they couldn’t get. I said, “This is what Mr. Williams gave me when he asked me to marry him.”

They were silent.

“It’s something I have with me every day of my life.” Still slack-jawed, frowning and mute.

“It’s really special, shiny and sparkly, and it starts with a ‘D.’”

“I know! I know!” a little boy shouted. “A DIME!!!”

By Susan Darst Williams • • © 2019