New World Meets Old Song Titles

Boy, it’s a different world. I attended my adorable neighbor’s elegant 75th birthday party. It was complete with a beautiful “75” ice sculpture, flower arrangements featuring Birds of Paradise, delicious food from shrimp to Brie, wonderful Belvedere martinis, and a deejay playing some great tunes for dancing and fun.

What a party!

The spell was broken, though, when one of the 70-something guests tried to request a song from the deejay.

He approached him. “I Only Have Eyes for You,” the older man said.

The deejay replied, frowning, “I’m worried!”


He wasn’t worried because he had never heard of that famous song (too young – sigh!). No, he was worried because he thought the old guy was HITTING ON HIM!!!!

By Susan Darst Williams • • © 2019