Stories connect us, humor delights us, and seniors are the best. That’s why we four writers love to share our stories with you. We hope you love them, and share this website with your friends. We also hope you will buy our book! This website brings you additional stories that are not in the book. We hope they will whet your whistle to buy the book and read more tales from The Elderberries!
Author, Sheila Edee, The Elderberries Book
Author, Nancy Darst, The Elderberries Book
Author, Jack Neely, The Elderberries book
Author, Susan Darst Williams, The Elderberries Book

Sheila Edee

Sheila is a Nebraska Native Gone South, whose captivating stories make up “Silver Charms.”

Nancy Darst

Nancy is a lifelong Nebraskan whose inspiring stories from “Widow’s Walk” will encourage anyone who faces that life change.

Jack Neely

Jack shares lifestyle stories from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Texas through “Bric-a-Brac With Grandpa Jack.”

Susan Darst Williams

Susan brings up the rear with “Junior Senior” stories celebrating the joys of becoming a fogie.