Just Like Florida

The lucky grandchild had just gotten to spend a week in Florida with her grandparents. At 7, she was old enough to see that Florida in the wintertime is a lot nicer place to be than in her Midwestern hometown.

Back in the Midwest that January, it was cold. It was gray. The trees were black. There was snow on the ground.

She was driving along with her parents to a sports event when they rode through a small, rural town.

Attempting to be bright and cheerful, the little girl remarked:

“This looks JUST like Grammie and Grandpa’s neighborhood in Florida — only without the palm trees and the beaches.

“Oh, and I guess there’s no green grass or flowers here.

“And there isn’t any blue sky and blue ocean.

“But other than that, it’s exactly like Florida!”

By Susan Darst Williams • www.LifeWithTheElderberries.com • © 2019