Getting Your Adult Children's Attention, The Elderberries book

If you are a widow or widower, this is a surefire way to get your children’s attention. It takes creativity and stealth to induce them to start calling you more often, and to more faithfully come over to check on you.

Try this, and watch them as they descend into cardiac arrest.

Ask your family what they know about (The online dating service).

The clatter and clamor will be deafening.

You might throw in the fact that you are interested in “Speed Dating.”

If you really want to zing them, mention that there’s a very nice, much younger man at your church who has taken to sitting next to you on Sundays and has mentioned that he has always dreamed of running away to Bolivia to live. If he could only afford it.

That’ll wake ‘em up!


By Susan Darst Williams, part of the feature family at

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