Fruity Faith

A grandparent’s key job in any family is to make sure the grandchildren are being raised in the faith, attending Sunday School, learning how to pray and read their Bibles, etc.

The one hazard of sending a child to a Christian school is that they might become overzealous, legalistic and fundamentalist. You want them to know right from wrong, but you don’t want them filtering EVERYTHING through an overly religious lens.

When we had our youngest daughter, we chose a Christian grade school. It was the first private-school enrollment on either side of the family going ‘way back. The two grandmothers were a little skeptical about this decision. Wo’t she develop fundamentalist Christian ideas?!

To keep them feeling good about it, I was constantly “reporting” to the two grandmothers about Maddy’s academic as well as healthy spiritual development.

That’s why a bolt of fear and dread went through me when the other mother in our carpool quoted first-grader Maddy as saying, “BANANAS ARE EVIL!”

Oh, no! She’s gone off the deep end! She’s going to run off and join a Fruit Cult that burns bananas at the stake! What will the grandmothers say when they hear this?

Fortunately, the other mother remained calm, and asked Maddy what she meant.

Beaming at her own joke, Maddy replied, “Bananas are evil because they might make you slip!!!”

Oh, yeah, I forgot. She’s ALREADY off the deep end.

By Susan Darst Williams • • © 2019