I attended the funeral of a family friend the other day. I sat next to a darling older lady whom I’ve known for years. It was nice to be with a mutual friend as we said goodbye to a very nice person who had lived a long, full life.

It’s a fact of elderberry life that going to funerals is a major social occasion. It’s where you see a lot of your friends, and people you haven’t seen for years – and might not ever see again.

They also tell the most wonderful, positive stories about the deceased at funerals. To a point, funerals are actually kind of uplifting.

My friend is at that age where she goes to a lot of funerals. In fact, she was going to stay at church after the 1 p.m. funeral for the rest of the afternoon. Why? Because she was supposed to help serve in the kitchen at another funeral at 4 p.m.

Two funerals in one day!

She knows her term for this is irreverent. But what the heck:


By Susan Darst Williams • • © 2019